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File:Super Mario Star Road DS Cloudrail Station Preview 3File:Super Mario Star Road DS Frosty Fair and Custom Boss! Preview 5File:Super Mario Star Road DS Koopa Canyon & Mushroom Mountain Town Preview 2
File:Super Mario Star Road DS Mad, Musical Mess Preview 4File:Super Mario Star Road DS Mad, Musical Mess Preview 4-0File:Super Mario Star Road ~ Bowser's Slippery Swamp
File:Super Mario Star Road ~ Course 10 ~ Melting Snow PeaksFile:Super Mario Star Road ~ Course 11 ~ Colossal Candy ClutterFile:Super Mario Star Road ~ Course 12 ~ Cloudrail Station
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File:Super Mario Star Road ~ Mushroom Mountain TownFile:Super Mario Star Road ~ Mushroom Mountain Town (Two Stars)File:Super Mario Star Road ~ Puzzle Of The Vanish Cap
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