Another Super Mario 3D is a SM64DS hack made by The Newer Team and also the first ROM hack of SM64DS. It includes 7 main levels and 10 secret levels.

Main LevelsEdit

Name Replaced Stars Required Stars Image Map Image
Treetrunk Meadow Bob-omb Battlefield 8 0
Treetrunk Meadow
Grimymole Cavern Whomp's Fortress 8 1
Grimymole Cavern
Sunbeam Bay Jolly Roger Bay 8 3
Sunbeam Bay
Hot, Hot Snowland Cool, Cool Mountain 8 3
Hoot Hot Snowland
Shipyard Swamp Lethal Lava Land 8 12 (+Key 1)
Shipyard Swamp
Sandgritz Desert Shifting Sand Land 8 12 (+Key 1)
Sandgrtz Desert
Whomp Volcano Tall, Tall Mountain 8 12 (+Key 1)
Whomp Volcano

Secret LevelsEdit

Name Stars Required Stars Image Map Image
LavaLava Slide 2 3
LavaLava Slide
Chillycottage Village 2 3
Chillycattage Village
? Switch Balloon Challenge 1 8 (+Mario)
Swich Balloon Challenge
Goomba Hideout 1 8
Goomba Hideout
Bowser's Fiery Castle 1 12
Bowsers Fiery Castle
Newer Islands 3 12 (+Key 1)
Newer Islands
Mega Mushroom Course 1 12 (+Key 1)
Mega Mushroom Course
Big Boo's Grave 1 12 (+Key 1)
Big Boos Grave
Chief Chilly's Chilly Island 1 12 (+Key 1)
Chief Chillys Chilly Island
Metallic Challenge 1 12 (+Wario)
Mettalic Challenge
Final Showdown 0 50 (+Mario)
Final Showdown

Other LevelsEdit

Name From Image Map Image
Volcano Hot, Hot Snowland
Sphinx Sandgritz Desert
Goomboss Arena Goomba Hideout
Goomboss Arena
Big Boo Arena Big Boo's Grave
Big Boo Arena
Chief Chilly Arena Chief Chilly's Chilly Island
Chief Chilly Arena
Bowser's Fiery Castle Arena Bowser's Fiery Castle
Bowsers Fiery Castle Arena
Final Showdown Arena Final Showdown
Final Showdown Arena